About Us

About Us

GC Organics is a subsidiary company of Green Care Services located in Cornwall, Ontario.

Started in 2018 by owner Melissa when she saw a growing need for massive improvement in our overall health. Melissa is a major advocate for health and wellness and decided to take her love for plants and people to the next level. Because microgreens are nutritionally dense superfoods, Melissa felt that is where the biggest impact could be made. 

Every batch of microgreens is organically grown under specific conditions to ensure maximum freshness at their nutritional peak. Every order is hand delivered personally by Melissa herself who takes great pride in knowing she is serving her community by helping to provide healthier options.

Melissa - GEM Organics


“Hey there! Melissa here! I am the founder of GC Organics by Green Care Services. I am an avid gardener and cheerleader for healthy, plant based living and a serious advocate for nature. I am passionate about encouraging our community to cultivate beautiful landscapes, happy gardens and healthier habits & lifestyles.”

In early 2018, Melissa began Green Care Service as gardening is her absolute true love. She first entered the industry in 2012 in Ottawa. From there her passion grew and she worked for several more landscaping companies over the years gaining more and more experience. Now Melissa is taking SD&G by storm offering a full lineup of gardening and landscaping services.

Melissa’s ultimate vision and mission is to educate our community on the topics of gardening, nutrition, and the benefits and accessibility of healthy eating habits. Melissa strives to encourage SD&G to eat more fruits and vegetables and to also include highly nutritious microgreens into your diet.