Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

About Microgreems

Absolutely! However, they do require a certain setup that can be relatively expensive to get started and they are high maintenance developers. They require a lot of work to maintain a continuous supply! But you can certainly grow them, year-round, in your own home!

Over the last decade, there have been various studies that have concluded that microgreens contain anywhere from four to forty times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.

Microgreens are the edible and highly nutritious “first true leaves” of an under-developed vegetable plant. They typically grow in 2-3 week cycles before being ready for harvest.

Ordering Options

Our continuous supply program is a program we offer to both everyday people as well as restaurants and other establishments in the health & wellness community where you opt-in for a continuous supply of microgreens on a schedule that meets your demand (once a week, once a month, whatever you need!) Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can properly quote your continuous supply!

Absolutely! We offer several different options for both consumers and restaurants. Everything from our 100g sample bags to a single 1020 purchase and our 1020 continuous supply program.

Recycle Program

When you purchase a tray of microgreens on continuous supply, we charge a $3 deposit fee for the tray and then replace the empty trays (soil and all) with a new fresh tray. We take back the trays, compost the soil, sanitize the tray and start your next scheduled order of microgreens! If you ever terminate your service, your $3 deposit is returned once all trays have been returned to us!

Shipping Options

We service Montreal (PQ), Ottawa (ON), Brockville (ON), Cornwall (ON) and everywhere in between!

We personally hand-deliver all orders. We never ship any of our microgreen products! This ensures absolute freshness! Guaranteed!

Orders can only be placed by our local community as we personally deliver each tray of microgreens ourselves the day they are ready for harvest to ensure absolute freshness.

Unfortunately, we do not ship our microgreens. Shipping microgreens is not recommended at all. Once microgreens are cut from their roots, they can lose their nutritional value quite quickly. Within just a few days, while the shoots themselves may still be fresh, the nutritional value will be severely depleted.

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